Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wellness Wednesday: The Environment & Your Health

Yesterday was Earth Day, a day I embrace with mixed emotions, because, well, not too many people seem to care about the earth anymore. In grade school, Earth Day seemed like a really big deal. Besides the great opportunity to practice some awesome arts & crafts skills, it also was an important time to learn about the environment and our role as young people in protecting it.

When's the last time you really thought about the importance of protecting our earth?

Earth Day always seems to disappoint. One of the biggest uses for the EarthDay hashtag is as a promotional tool for businesses that are selling something. Nothing irks me more than a "20% off discount for Earth Day". Next year, I'd love to propose a "Shopping Abstinence" challenge - abstaining from buying any nonessential items for the month of April. Because the more we buy, the more we produce, and while some say that's good for the economy, it's also bad for our environment. We don't need so much stuff. And all this extra stuff is polluting our earth. 

It's an oldie but a goodie - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - It's that simple.

Did you catch the HuffPost article on "What Congress Did To Help The Environment on Earth Day"? (Spoiler! - absolutely nothing.)

Whatever happened to conversations about global warming? How many more natural disasters and crazy weather patterns have to occur before people wake up? What about even "simpler" problems, like polluted air and water, that in many places around the world is unbreathable and undrinkable. Fresh air and water are essential elements that should be available to all beings, but, sadly, today they are not.

Originally, I was going to include a list of "Ways To Be More Green" for this post, but then I decided it wasn't necessary. There are 6.5 billion articles on "how to be more green" listed on Google. (Yes, billions.) What I really want to do is just open a conversation. I don't want to keep feeling totally helpless when it comes to cleaning up the environment. Being silent is the worst thing we can do.

I don't care how cheesy it sounds, we only have one earth, and I know NASA has plans to send humans to Mars by 2030, but even if life on another planet were possible…..I'm just a little partial to the planet we live on now. And I want it to be a clean one.

I'll be posting more about the environment during upcoming Wellness Wednesday posts, but in the meantime I'd love to continue the conversation with you in the comment section! 

{Image Credit: First image- Pinterest// All other images - Yaan Arthus Bertrand}

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day! Why Don't You….

Happy Earth Day! This day really doesn't get as much recognition as it deserves, like I said last year, it really should be Earth Month, or Earth Day Every Day.  I'll be doing a full-length post tomorrow during Wellness Wednesday, but I just wanted to share this image I came across on Pinterest with you today:

If planting a tree seems like a silly thing you were told in elementary school, something to do as a weekend activity to "celebrate" Earth Day, and you're unsure of the actual major benefits, read 22 Benefits of Trees

Even easier than planting a tree? Simply save one! Save anything today. Skip the bag when you order your takeout lunch. (One of my biggest pet peeves, as those bags usually have a 5 minute purpose and then end up right in the trash.) Even better, skip the take-out and pack your own lunch in a reusable container. Triple check your work before you hit the "print" button in your office, so you don't have excessive paper pile-up. Skip the online shopping. I cannot believe how many companies use the EarthDay hashtag to announce a discount on their products today. The truth is, if we all simplified just a little, and didn't need to produce and purchase so much stuff, we would have so much more in the end.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Blogging: How Personal Is Too Personal?

Last week I got a little more personal than I usually do when I wrote this post. To be honest, I was a little afraid to hit that "Publish" button - I  thought the photographs I chose may be "couple selfie" overload, and I was worried my readers may not "get" the message I was trying to relay. Fortunately, I was mistaken - it turned out to be one of my most popular posts, and I received so many thoughtful comments from many of you. I was so happy to see that other people could relate!

My favorite posts from fellow bloggers are always the ones that are the most personal. I think that's because the blogging world is soooo saturated these days. You can find a million posts about the latest food  trends, the best travel destinations, the prettiest products to purchase, but you can't find a million posts about an individual's story. That's what really interests me - a great personal story. 

The problem with that is, it's challenging to share your personal story with the world without oversharing. This is something I've struggled with since I began this blog 2+ years ago. In the beginning, I used to love to write posts telling you all about my weekend, or ones sharing lots of photos from fun trips with friends

Posting about friends (who's pre-approval I already had received to post their photos) was one thing, but sharing photos of my family was another. It just seemed way too personal. But I wavered, and it wasn't until after I wrote this post about wedding dress shopping with my sister, that I decided to keep family and friends separate from my blog. Although she also ok'd the use of those photos, it just felt weird having them here on this blog - in a photo album would probably be better! I decided that I wanted to keep intimate family moments just that - intimate.

I had made the decision that even though this is a lifestyle blog, that didn't mean I had to blog about every detail of my life! 

My boyfriend, Taz, still finds his way into many posts, and although he says he doesn't mind, that doesn't stop me from asking him every week if he's ok with it! Once something is on the internet it is there forever, and because he's actually a pretty private person, I am constantly reminding him of that. There's a reason you know him only by a nickname and a good looking face. ;)

There are details I leave out of this blog for good reason. For safety and security first, but also for my own personal sanity, and for your benefit. (I know that no one wants to read a post about a bad day I had at work, or hear about how I sometimes get ridiculously excited when eating strange processed foods like Cool Whip.) Whoops, there I go, oversharing again! ;)

Just a few notes on the safety thing, because I see otherwise sane people do some of these pretty often.

1. Instagram & Twitter: I know these two are all about sharing where and what you're doing that moment, but… you really want everyone to know where you are right that second? Just a thought, you may want to hold off until you leave your current location to share that photo with the world, you never know who's watching your account! It may seem strange that I always share my Instagram photos a day (or days) later, but that's one of the reasons why I do it.

2. House Photos: It amazes me how many photos I've seen of bloggers new homes. Some even showing the front of the house! If I just saved that photo and zoomed in, I would be able to read the number of the house! Even if it's a side view, back view, yard view….personally, I wouldn't do it. (Not that I don't love seeing a great new house! It just seems a little risky.)

3. Photos of Kids: I don't have kids, so it's hard for me to say for sure how much I would or wouldn't share if I did. (Those of you with children, feel free to jump in on this one!) I know "mommy blogs" are a big part of the blogging world, and are generally read by other moms, but they could also be read by, um, anyone! What I really don't' understand is the naked baby photos. (Seriously, someone feel free to explain this to me.) Anyone could download these images and use them for any purpose. Plus, isn't it embarrassing enough when one of your parents wants to pull out your naked baby photos and share them with someone? Imagine knowing that those family photographs were posted on the internet for all the world to see. 

Any other tips or thoughts on "how personal is too personal"?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday I'm In Love

Happy Friday! And for everyone celebrating Passover, Happy Passover. And to everyone celebrating Easter weekend, Happy Easter. I'm just going to be celebrating spending time with my family this weekend. ;)

It was a full week here on the blog, I somehow managed 5 posts (never happens)! If you missed them, there were words about dreams, about memories, about health, and about warmth

And then of course there are the Friday favorites:

Have you guys seen the 8 million flower petals "bursting" from a volcano in Costa Rica? The photographs are so beautiful, but the video is even more amazing. Spoiler alert though, all this beauty is for a Sony TV advertisement. :/ Still, it's a gorgeous ad, and a fantastic concept. I could watch the video every day!

Since my day job is designing kid's clothes, I'm always looking for fresh inspiration. I love how designer, Ryam Teran and photographer, Natalie Chenier have joined forces in creating whimsical children's clothing and a super sassy lookbook for their Wild & Whimsy brand.

Have you heard of FabergĂ©'s Big Egg Hunt NY? There are hundreds of giant egg sculptures all around NYC right now, designed by famous artists and designers. I've only seen one myself, but @jtpinay's Instagram is filled with photos of these stunning eggs!

One second spring is here, and the next, it's snowing again! Either way, doesn't this Clementine Limoncello Champagne Cocktail look like the perfect spring party beverage? Yum.

Justina Blakeney's blog probably makes an appearance on my Friday favorites a little too often, but I just can't help it, I love this lady's style! She recently revamped her patio, and now it looks like the perfect place to host a spring gathering. Just add a pitcher of that citrus champagne cocktail, some tasty snacks, and lots of friends!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Between Lenses: Warmth

Today I'm linking up in the "Between Lenses" photography challenge, a collaboration between Tara Victoria and Of Trees and Hues. These ladies have been hosting this monthly challenge since January, and I happen to love this month's theme - "Warmth"

"Warmth" to me equals happiness. It's what reminds me to be grateful for the little things. Warmth is walking to my local farmer' market on a sunny Saturday morning, feeling the sun beating on my face, smelling the seasonal fresh flowers, and gazing at the smiling people strolling around. After a long and cold winter, this beautiful past weekend evoked an even greater feeling of warmth. Spring was definitely in the air! I picked up the colorful yellow/orange tulips above to celebrate the beginning of the season. It was a small moment that made me immensely happy.

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